The Index


Hi! This is the index of Quasi-Stellar, a website of miscellaneous projects and doodads I've done and am putting on the internet. Most of what's here is art, though the scope might broaden over time. I've done a lot of fiction writing, but that can be found at Preternaturality, instead. This page lists links to the subsections of the site. For a fuller description of the site itself, programs used, etc. see the About page.

The Gallery — A collection of visual art of various kinds, loosely organized by type.

Effects — Digital art mostly utilizing Paint.NET effects to make art, mostly wildly inaccurate spacescapes.

Pixel Art — Pixel art. Generally quite tiny and very simplistic.

Characters — Art of characters. So far, all traditional art. There isn't much of this.

Pigmojis — The legendary Smoink. Some emoji edits, with pigs. The best thing here, promise.

Miscellaneous — Everything else. There's, uh, one thing in here right now, don't get your hopes up.

The Jukebox — A collection of music I've made, using LMMS. Organized into albums. Or album, at the moment. (Music isn't directly hosted on NeoCities, but is all available for free.)

Incident on St. Christopher — My first album. Well, more of an EP, if even that. Instrumental, or, is it still instrumental if it's not really using instruments?

One more category coming soon.

Also, if you want to keep up with updates of this site, the easiest way is to follow it on NeoCities. But, if you don't have a NeoCities account, or would just prefer an updates page, I'll do my best to track that here.